Dependable Industries Supplies the Online Seller with Unique Profitable Items. We are a wholesale direct importer of general merchandise, Volume Deals, Premiums and More ! This means we import large quantities of bulk merchandise directly from manufacturers overseas, warehouse them, and sell them to wholesalers and retailers. We are always adding new and different items to our inventory. We are always looking for new items, and we have recently added new items to our growing catalog. Our commitment is to be the best source of profit for your store by supplying fast-selling unique items in attractive packaging at competitive prices. Since our prices are very competitive , many of our customers are Jobbers, Wholesalers and Distributors.

We know that bringing profit to you is the key to our own success. It is our mission as a wholesale general merchandise and discount store distributor to have the items our customers want when they want them. The long term success of any store revolves around merchandise. In our business, the value, variety and amount of new merchandise you provide customers are three critical variables that will determine how successful you are, and this is where we excel! Our merchandise is provided through a vast network of suppliers, both importers and domestic closeout companies. Our Office in China, sources new items for us at import competitive prices.

We travel to personally see each of our suppliers on a regular basis where we inspect new merchandise to assure high value and quality, and to review hot, new merchandise. When high quality merchandise becomes available at the right price, Dependable Industries snaps it up and makes it available to you and to our other participating store owners. High quality and low price means increased sales and repeat business for you.

We can drop ship all orders to shipping addresses provided. Simply place your order like you normally would and add the shipping address you want to drop ship to. Add an order note letting us know you want your order drop shipped and that's that! No additional fee's apply. We also can supply Direct China delivery on large quantities at a discount. Our Office in China can also Source for you an item you need to find. Just ask !

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