Wholesale Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Tray Easy Pop Out

SKU: 4111

UPC: 097958041117

Make 21 round ice cubes in each tray with these easy-to-use ice cube trays. Each tray is designed to hold 21 round cubes, making it easy to make a large batch of ice at once. The flexible bottom of each tray allows for easy removal of the ice cubes. Simply bend the bottom of the tray and the ice cubes will pop out without any hassle. The trays are designed with soft, anti-slide handles for a comfortable grip. These handles make it easy to carry the trays to and from the freezer, and ensure that you have a firm grip on the tray while you are filling it with water. Each tray is BPA-free and comes in an assortment of three vibrant colors (red, blue, and green). Silicone material shapes the bottom well, which makes it easy to release ice cubes. Each round cube compartment is separate from others so you can easily push from the bottom for easy release. Measuring 12" x 4.5", each tray is the perfect size for making small to medium-sized ice cubes. This makes them ideal for a variety of uses, including adding to water bottles, making baby food, creating snacks for kids, mixing juices and alcohol mixers, and more.

Case (48 pieces):$37.92
Unit Price:$0.79

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